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Expert C.Halil Özdemir
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Expert C.Halil Özdemir conducting researching, producing projects, social media ads, digital advertising and sharing promotional articles. Contact the site owner +90-535-498 9093. Besides, he is experienced in many fields as well as in investment. As a Researcher, he cooperates with some foreign-based organizations. He will gladly answer many questions and fulfill the requests as soon as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to submit them.

In addition to all these, this site is different from other sites that have the purpose of sharing promotional articles. You should read "Advertising and Sponsorship" to learn the different part.

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When did Expert C.Halil Özdemir Start?

In 1984, Expert C.Halil Özdemir wrote the first computer program and trained many people on this subject. In the spring of 1986, he made his first research on demand, on pine trees in the forests.

He took part in numerous projects on Marketing Strategies and Electricity Generation since 1990. He has 25 years of R&D experience in Strategy and Energy. Everything on the one hand, Turkey is in a country of opportunities. You should make good use of the opportunities that come your way. Get rid of old habits and give the new Earth an opportunity...

Other research he has done is mainly on Energy and Google SEO. He brought his research to the stage of establishing the lowest cost electricity generation system of the future. In addition, his articles about Online Games are also a recommendation to friends who want to make an attempt on the game.

Expert C.Halil Özdemir Which Organizations Are A Member?

C.Halil Özdemir is a member of numerous organizations. The working principle and expertise of each organization is different. Whether working in Turkey is more important than the organization to the forefront with international connections. So it would be a little pointless to list them all, but the most important organization among them is Tübitak. This organization provides the best support to projects.

What Can Expert C.Halil Özdemir Do?

Expert C.Halil Özdemir has written all his knowledge on Marketing Strategies,Stock Exchange Training and wrote only one of the strategies for making money in "THE FUTURE" named ebook in a clearly understandable way. He had friends who gave him great support in his research on this subject.

In addition, C.Halil Özdemir also uses this site as a site that sharing promotional articles. In other words, it is the site that also shares the articles from you. As long as your article is original and open to sharing. Would you like to share your article? Come on, get in touch and let me share your post. Of course, the article will be passed through some audits before it is shared. Originality of this type of site is very important. Even if it is an advertisement or a promotional article, originality is a must. Otherwise, it cannot find a place on any site that sharing promotional articles.

How to best advertise on social media? For advertising business on social media, you must be a good online advertising expert or a social media advertising expert.

What Types of Sharing does Allow a Site that Sharing Promotional Articles?

The rules are clear and set by law. This site is also forbidden to share and all content that is not +18 is open to sharing. Online Betting and Casino Games subject is gathered in a special group for promotional purposes. This site is not responsible for any sharing in order to encourage the sharing. As a site that shares promotional articles, they are aware of their responsibilities and do not act against the law, like all digital advertising sites. It is the responsibility of the applicant to share a promotional or promotional article.

Do you understand the permissions of the site where shares promotional articles? If you have questions, please contact +90(535)498 9093 or with @chalilozdemir, you can transmit via Bip, Telegram, Signal and other social media channels.

What is Promotional Article and How to Write It?

Promotional Article is a SEO-compatible and originally written ad text to promote a product, a service, a business or a site.

Writing Promotional Article is a specialized job. The reason why it requires expertise is that it is necessary to know the spelling and the way of checking. But first, you need to know how to write SEO compatible content. For detailed information about how the content is written, you can review our book Being a Blog Writer! (This is now only in Turkish)

What are the Promotional Article Prices?

The Promotional Article is determined by the expertise of the content editor. The standard fee is between 2 and 10 cents per word. The cost of publishing Promotional Article depends on the data of the site to be published. The standard fee ranges from $10 to $2,000.

Promotional Article Example

Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope), You Can Make Money By Using Blog!, "THE FUTURE" named ebook

Promotional Article Examples (Invalid, or without a promotional article)

Enrich Your Table With Unique Recipes (Soup Recipes, Salad Recipes, Food Recipes, Dessert Recipes), What We Overlook In Our Lives, If False News Appear Against You On A Website

If you want to share your digital advertising articles on the site that shares promotional articles, read our article Advertising and Sponsorship we recommend.

Which Projects is Expert C.Halil Özdemir Developing?

C.Halil Özdemir worked on by 4 new projects. This are projects that will play an active role in shaping the future.

Ads for Small Business - Advertising for Your Business

Every business offers special advertising opportunities to its members on their own website. Even becoming a member can be a good small business advertisement in itself. You can find plenty of small websites for ads, that might work well for your business through. Empowering other businesses can greatly increase your advertising power and marketing reach.

Promote your business advertising website easily or you will do digital advertising business with the help of online business advertising website. There are many online business advertising websites on this subject. Have a solid enough digital ads strategy. Or, if you know a digital advertising expert or digital advertising agency owner, they can help with digital advertising strategies. You can get quick results on the best business advertising sites, promotional websites ads online advertising, digital advertising service.

Customized Online Advertising for Business

When you list an item for auction, you are also advertising to people who list your business. While it is difficult to measure how effective an advertising campaign is on Facebook and some of the advertising goals are problematic, still the largest audience of online consumers are online options. It's relatively inexpensive compared to many other advertising options and you don't need to be locked into a long-term contract, you can just advertise the way you need it.

Find Out What A Business Advertising Is

By choosing and focusing on a few of these advertising ideas, you can grow your customer base much faster, rather than simply by word of mouth. Like any marketing you do, if you plan your advertising campaign and track your results, your ads will be much more effective.

What is Digital Advertising?

If internet sites do not have budgets for broadcast expenses, the biggest sources of income are undoubtedly digital advertising. There is a lot of difference between old ads and new ads. So much so that today, because computers are smart like mobile phones, advertising has replaced digital advertising agency.

There are many sites that shares promotional articles, but they are all different from each other. It is also easy to be a site that shares promotional articles, but difficult to maintain. In order to continue, the site must be constantly updated and used actively. It is not easy to get advertisements for the site that shares promotional articles. So it is not as easy as writing a promotional article. If the site is not publishing on a specific subject, it is meaningless to share a promotional publication on the subject that it has not published. Therefore, the site that shares a promotional article should be preferred.

C.Halil Özdemir also shares promotional articles on this site. But this site does not broadcast a subject or randomly like other sites. Rather, he shares on every subject. In other words, he shares on every subject that is forbidden and not +18.

It is now easier to design digital advertising graphics, social media graphics, promotional graphics, blog content graphics for personal or business use. The easiest and simplest to use is Free Graphic Design Software and Free Video Editing Software is our recommendation. They are the easiest to use applications that you can use with your smartphone.

What are the Types of Digital Advertising?

Youtube advertising, ad advertising, link advertising, promotional articles, Advertising and Sponsorship can be considered as the most used digital advertising types. Among the innovations of Google's algorithms, the necessity of the websites to be original and informative in terms of their content promotional articles and Advertising and Sponsorship has opened a new business area for SEO compatible articles or original content writers.

In order to be among the successful sites in digital advertising, quality, original and useful content should be shared. In addition, this should be continued in certain periods and turned into a continuity. Otherwise, there will be little efficiency in sharing digital advertising content or sharing digital content. It is also possible to measure this online.

If you have questions about digital content sharing or digital advertising writing, you can reach us through our communication channels. If you have other issues or (please be moral) questions you can ask...


"The road to success depends on systematic work. Never trust your luck, never be fooled by chance and never worry. The day is your day, to try again..."

The most valuable thing in life is "Time"... Do you want to know how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you have been alive? How Long Are You Alive?


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The site sharing the introduction should be secure and easy to access...


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