What is Direct Selling?

TT: What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is the direct sale of a consumer good or service to the consumer at home, at an acquaintance's home, workplace or any other place that is not a point of sale, through a seller telling and / or demonstrating it.

Why would a consumer choose to shop through direct selling?

Nowadays, time is now an important asset for everyone. A conscious consumer who knows the value of time prefers to use the convenience and special service offered by direct sales in order to realize their shopping.

Through direct sales, the consumer guarantees that his home and his many needs are delivered at any time and anywhere, by explaining all the features of the products to him / her and that they receive the same service when they have a problem.

Convenience, security and personalized service are the reasons for preferring the direct selling method.

What is the benefit and purpose of having a direct selling system?

In this system, the individual earns himself from the purchase and sale of the product, as well as adding other individuals to this system and earning a premium from the product purchase and sale.

At the same time, the points of the product purchases made by the consultant in the sub-team of the consultant affect the whole group and deserve a premium.

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