What Does a Resume Do?

TT: What Does a Resume Do?

Nowadays, the only way to start a career is to apply for a job with a resume. Therefore, one of the first things to do is to prepare an accurate and careful CV. Your CV is also the product you are trying to sell. This sales brochure can also be used by direct mail. It can also be seen as a sales support tool after sales. Regardless of how you use this material, it is a fact that your resume is the tool that introduces you to your target market. Therefore, it is important to consider the target audience when writing a resume. At the same time, the resume is a presentation that summarizes you. It is not an article that you will tell everything about yourself, nor should it be. It is a summary that describes what you have done for that job in the past and points out what you can offer in this direction. The resume gives your potential future employer a first impression of you. Therefore, it should be short ie at most 2 pages and easy to read.


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