Using the OS X Terminal

TT: Using the OS X Terminal

Mac OS X is an operating system that is used by many users and is popular among people of our time. However, in many issues, users complain because there are restrictions. OS X Terminal is an indispensable tool, especially for people working in the software industry. You can do many things on the OS X terminal, from cleaning malware on your system to tools that will take you to whole new levels.

What is Terminal?

Using the OS X Terminal

Terminal is simply an intermediary program that transfers the user's requests to the system to the operating system. It outputs commands and their results in a way that the user can understand. 

How to Use Mac Terminal? 

The OS X terminal is designed to be very simple to use. The Apple company, which has made great efforts especially to prevent the end user from being forced, has also paid attention to this issue. 

To use the terminal, we first need to open the Launch Pad, then open the terminal by going to More > Terminal or by pressing Cmd + Space and typing Terminal via Spotlight Search. After that, our job is pretty simple. There is a black screen that appears before us. On this screen, the user is expected to enter commands, the system will automatically output you according to the commands. If you misspelled it, don't worry! The system will already notice that you have mistyped and will give you hints to correct it. 

Most Useful Terminal Shortcuts 

Using the terminal is very enjoyable, but at the same time, it can be tiring most of the time. However, our operating system gives us plenty of possibilities for this. Below you can find the shortcuts that will be most useful to you. 

  • You can go back to the previous command with the up arrow key.
  • You can increase your productivity by opening a new window with the Cmd + N key combination instead of a single window.
  • You can work with tabs by opening a new tab with the Cmd + T key combination, just like working in a browser window.
  • You can choose yourself a cool terminal window with the Option + Cmd + I key combination.
  • You can enlarge or reduce the font with Cmd + (Plus key) or (Minus Key). 

Although it may seem complicated to use the OS X terminal, it is actually quite simple. The benefit for many users is enormous. However, there is a situation that needs attention, not to allow a place we do not know when giving administrator permission and not to create a security vulnerability in our system. Influencing the system file in any way can have irreversible consequences. 

Cool Things to Do at the Terminal 

Although we are not going to use the terminal for entertainment, it is an undeniable fact that the UNIX terminal that we have seen in hacker movies from past times is cool. To simply sum up the cool things you can do in the terminal, you can do anything from customizing the message on your system's login screen to playing Tetris. 

The use of the Os X terminal has taken a place in the lives of many users in some way and is a frequent destination for everyone. And it gives you the opportunity to use the possibilities of your operating system to the fullest. 

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