Spaceship Project - Design and Construction

TT: Spaceship Project - Design and Construction

  • Spaceship Project - Design and Construction

    Spaceship Project - Design and Construction

To complete our ship with the Spaceship Project, which we started to develop in order to prove that space travel is not too far, and to conduct the first flight experiments.

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I would like to thank everyone who supported and wanted to support me in this Project.

Support me in Spaceship Project - Design and Construction!


  1. Identifying available fuel options
  2. Determining the engine type according to the detected fuel type
  3. Detecting the engine operating system
  4. Adapting to physical studies
  5. Working on the model
  6. Getting started with model design
  7. Evaluating ideas about spaceship design
  8. Complete engine work
  9. Preparing the model work in accordance with the physical structure
  10. Complete the model
  11. Start building the spaceship
  12. Completing the spaceship
  13. Obtaining the necessary permissions for trial runs of the spaceship
  14. Starting the trials of the spaceship

You can help by reporting your helpful drawings / thoughts on the design of the spaceship.


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