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TT: Site Terms of Use


1.1. Please read the terms written below in order to use this website (Shortly referred to as the "SITE"). If you do not accept these conditions, stop using the "SITE". The owner of the "SITE" reserves the right to change the information, forms, content, "SITE" and "SITE" terms of use in this "SITE" at any time.

1.2. The owner of this "SITE" is C.Halil Özdemir (hereinafter referred to as "CHO" for short). The services offered on the "SITE" and specified in Article 3 of this contract are provided by "CHO".

1.3. Any natural or legal person who benefits from the services offered in this "SITE" by paying a certain price or free of charge, or accessing the "SITE" in any way, is deemed to have accepted the following terms of use. "CHO" may change the terms specified in this contract at any time without any notice and notification to the "USER". These changes will be published on the "SITE" periodically and will be valid on the date of publication. Every natural and legal person who benefits from the "SITE" services and accesses the "SITE" is deemed to have accepted any changes made by the "CHO" to the provisions of this contract.

1.4. This "Site Terms of Use" was made on 31.01.2021 with the last change and published on the website; The "SITE" has been made available and put into effect by every person using it. This "Site Terms of Use" is also an integral part of any cooperation made and / or to be made with users who will pay or benefit from "CHO" services.


2.1. SITE: Access from the main domain name and sub-domains connected to this domain from the online environment where various services and contents are offered within the framework determined by "CHO" possible website.

2.2. USER: Any natural or legal person who accesses the "SITE" and / or the "CHO ​​DATABASE" online (on-line).

2.3. LINK: A link that enables access to the "SITE" or another website, files, content or the "SITE", files and content from another website. </ p>

2.4. CONTENT: All kinds of information, texts, files, pictures, videos, numbers, etc. visual, literary and audio images published or accessible on the "SITE".

2.5. CHO INTERFACE: Used by "USERS" to view the content created by CHO by USERS and to be queried from "CHO ​​DATABASE"; Internet pages that command the computer program to carry out all kinds of operations that can be done through the "SITE" within the designs protected under the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and whose intellectual rights belong to "CHO".

2.6. CHO DATABASE: The database protected in accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works belonging to "CHO", where the contents accessed within the "SITE" can be stored, classified, queried and accessed.


3.1. The contents uploaded to the "CHO ​​DATABASE" by "CHO" can be queried by "USERS" through the "CHO ​​DATABASE" using the interfaces on the "SITE" and belongs to "CHO" via "SITE". It provides viewing by interfaces.

3.2. The services provided by "CHO" are not limited to those specified above. The above-mentioned services are the basic services provided by "CHO" and adding new services to these services, changing the scope and conditions of the above-mentioned services are completely under the authority of "CHO". "CHO" can use this authority unilaterally as it wishes without any notification.


4.1. "USERS" can only make transactions on the "SITE" for legal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of "USERS" in every transaction and action performed within the "SITE" belongs to them.

4.2. "SITE" works on the principle that "CONTENT" uploaded to "CHO ​​DATABASE" by "ADVERTISER" is displayed by "USERS". "CHO" does not guarantee the accuracy, security and legality of the "CONTENT" displayed by "USERS" under any circumstances; no responsibility is assumed for these "CONTENTS".

4.3. "USER" shall not duplicate, copy, distribute, process all kinds of pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists within the "SITE". it accepts and undertakes that it will not compete directly and / or indirectly with "CHO" either through these actions or in other ways.

4.4. From the services provided by third parties within the "SITE"; "CHO", cooperating institutions, "CHO" employees, branches and managers, "CHO" authorized dealers are not liable for "CONTENT" created by "ADVERTISERS".

4.5. "USERS" and "ADVERTISERS" accept and undertake that the information and content provided by them to "CHO" within the "SITE" are correct and lawful. To investigate the accuracy of the information and content transmitted to the "CHO" by "CHO", "USER" and "ADVERTISING" or uploaded, modified and provided by them on the "SITE"; It is not liable or liable to undertake and guarantee that this information and content are safe, accurate and lawful.

4.6. "USERS" and "ADVERTISERS" shall not engage in activities that will lead to unfair competition within the "SITE" in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, and the personal and commercial reputation of "CHO" and third parties. It accepts and undertakes that it will not commit acts that will shake, violate and attack personal rights.

4.7. "CHO" reserves the right to change the services offered within the "SITE" and the "CONTENT" accessed within the "SITE" at any time. "CHO" can use this right without any notice and without any time.

4.8. "USERS" and "ADVERTISERS" must immediately make the changes and / or corrections requested by "CHO". Changes and / or corrections requested by "CHO" can be made by "CHO" if deemed necessary. The damages, legal and criminal responsibilities arising from the failure of the "USER" and "ADVERTISING" to fulfill the change and / or correction requests requested by the "CHO" in a timely manner belong to the "USER" or "ADVERTISER" to whom the request is directed. .

4.9. "USERS" are obliged to use the information they access within the "SITE" only in accordance with the purposes disclosed by the "ADVERTISER" or "CHO" who disclosed this information.

4.10. may link to other websites and / or "CONTENT" and / or files that are not under the control of the "CHO" and owned and operated by other third parties through the "SITE". These links are provided only for ease of reference and do not constitute any kind of declaration or guarantee for the purpose of supporting the relevant website or the operator or for the website or the information it contains. "CHO" has no responsibility for the websites, files and contents accessed through the links on the "SITE", the services or products offered from the websites accessed through these links, or their content.

4.11. It is forbidden to obtain information from the "CHO ​​DATABASE" intensely in order to obtain the content accessed and / or viewed on the "SITE". Persons who do not comply with this prohibition and take information extensively from the "CHO ​​DATABASE" T.C.K. Mad. Criminal proceedings will be initiated by the CHO, assuming that they have entered the information system in 243 (1) without authorization.

4.12. Accessing the database where the content accessed and / or displayed on the "SITE" is stored, only for the purpose of displaying the relevant content and / or within the terms of use permitted by "CHO" in writing, is legal. Any access other than this is unlawful; "CHO" reserves the right to demand, sue and pursue.

4.13. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, transmit, process and display the contents published on the "SITE", "CHO ​​INTERFACE" without the written consent of "CHO".

4.14. Display of any "CONTENT" accessed and / or displayed on the "SITE" by third parties without the written consent of the "CHO" in any communication medium, primarily the Internet, except for the "CHO" site. is prohibited.

4.15. The personal data contained in the contents accessed and / or displayed on the "SITE" cannot be used, processed, transmitted under any circumstances and under any circumstances, except by the written consent of the personal data owners and "CHO", cannot be viewed and disclosed.

4.16. "CHO ​​DATABASE" and the information contained in this database cannot be partially or completely copied, transferred to other databases and opened to the access and use of third parties without the written consent of "CHO".


The information accessed within this "SITE" or provided by the users in accordance with the law and all the information of this "SITE" (including but not limited to "CHO ​​DATABASE", "CHO ​​INTERFACE", design, text, image, html code and other codes) elements (collectively referred to as the copyrighted works of "CHO") owned by "CHO" and / or licensed by "CHO" from a third party.

"USERS" have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit "CHO" services, "CHO" information and copyrighted works of "CHO" or allow anyone else to access or use the "CHO" services. is not. Except where expressly permitted by "CHO" within the scope of these "Site Terms of Use", it cannot reproduce, process, distribute the copyrighted works of "CHO" or make or prepare works derived from them.

In the cases where "CHO" is not expressly authorized under these "Terms of Use", "CHO"; "CHO" services, "CHO" information, "CHO" copyrighted works, "CHO" trademarks, "CHO" commercial appearance or other assets and information provided through this site reserves all rights.


"CHO" may, at its sole discretion, change this "Terms of Use" at any time by posting on the "SITE". The changed provisions of these "Terms of Use of the Site" will become effective on the date they are announced. These "Site Terms of Use" cannot be changed by the unilateral declaration of the user.


In all cases legally deemed force majeure, "CHO" is not liable due to late performance or non-performance of any of these "Site Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy". This and such situations will not be deemed as delay or non-performance or default for "CHO" or "CHO" will not be liable for any compensation for these situations.

The term "force majeure" will be interpreted as events that are beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party and which "CHO" could not prevent despite showing the necessary care. In addition, situations such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather are included in force majeure events.


In the event that there is an element of foreignness in the application and interpretation of these "Terms of Use" and in the management of legal relations arising within these "Site Terms of Use", Turkish Law will be applied, except for the conflict of laws rules. Bursa Courts (Center) and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of any dispute arising or may arise due to this contract.


This "Terms of Use of Site" takes effect on the date it is announced by "CHO" on the "SITE". "USERS" and "ADVERTISERS" accept the terms of this contract by using the "SITE". "CHO" may change the provisions of this contract at any time and the changes will become effective on the date of publication on the "SITE" by specifying the version number and date of change.

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