Make Your Own Fortune

TT: Make Your Own Fortune

Being social is a very important element in the business world. It is not possible to deny the importance of social activities not only in the process of finding a job, but also in business life. Although it may seem like a cliché word, it actually "people create their own fortunes".

Membership associations, friendships, international connections can be instrumental for a good career start. It is possible to say that many of the people who are described as "lucky" are actually people who have strong interactions, strain the doors and are very comfortable to establish relationships. For this reason, keeping the network of relationships wide is one of the sine qua non of the business world.

They say it's important to attend meetings to strengthen relationships, according to some experts. According to them, it is necessary not to limit the relationship to only acquaintances in these meetings. On the contrary, people need to communicate with people they do not know. For such a conversation, it will be useful to start with a question that will allow the other party to explain themselves. They then suggest that job seekers talk about themselves.

Experts explain another important point as follows: "It is extremely important for a person to express himself well in at least 50 seconds in accordance with the situation. Those who want to be successful in their work should be members of professional organizations and the alumni association of their schools in order to update their knowledge and follow the developments in their fields. In addition, according to their possibilities, they should follow domestic and international congress, meeting and fair organizations. "


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