Essentials of Your Resume

TT: Essentials of Your Resume - We have collected the indispensables of the resume under 10 headings.

We have collected the indispensables of the resume under 10 headings.

  1. TITLE: Name, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses should be included in the title part of the CV.
  2. OBJECTIVE: In the purpose part, you should make a professional goal, that is, a brief description of what you want to do. It is your choice to write the career goal on the resume. If you do, you should give messages about what services you can offer, such as an ad banner.
  3. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: It is a concise definition that summarizes experience, area of expertise, technical and professional skills, characteristics and distinctions. This definition supports the detailed information stated in the resume. This section should contain the strongest arguments in order to make you fit for the job.
  4. WORK EXPERIENCE: Covers your past work experience. You must write the company names, years worked and job titles in this section.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY DEFINITION: Job description is a section of your general duties and specific tasks. It is recommended to include any responsibilities that you think might be of interest to your potential future employer. It is sufficient to indicate the last works in one paragraph and previous works in one sentence.
  6. SUCCESS DEFINITIONS: Contains your definitions showing your contributions and achievements to the organization. Make sure that your choices cover the elements that benefit the employer.
  7. EDUCATION: Write down information that summarizes your educational background, starting with the last school degree or university you graduated, along with dates backwards. If you graduated up to 5 years ago, you can give more detailed information about education.
  8. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Write down any additional trainings and courses that you think will contribute to your professional goal. You can write this section in the training section if you want.
  9. MEMBERSHIPS: If relevant to your professional goals, indicate your membership in professional associations, boards of directors, community activities.
  10. PUBLICATIONS: If you think you will contribute, you can indicate the publications you have written.


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