Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 7

TT: Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 7 - Fee-Related Questions and Preparations

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.

Fee-Related Questions and Preparations

1 - How much salary do you intend to receive?

Before answering such a question, it would be best to investigate how much the companies in the sector you apply for pay their employees for this position. If you went without research, you may want to ask for a price slightly higher than your former job salary. However, this is related to the size of the job you are applying for. Another tactic is to ask the employer what range of salary they are considering for this position. If the interviewer does not answer, tell them how much you think they are paying for your job in the industry. Regardless, it is useful to show that you have valued yourself.

2 - How much salary do you expect to receive if we agree to hire you?

Be careful; salaries in the industry can be the key to your answer. For example, "As far as I understand, salaries varying between € .......... - € .......... for the position you offer are in question" would be the right approach.


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