Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 6

TT: Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 6 - Questions and Preparation for Your Business Practice

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.

Questions and Preparation for Your Business Practice

1 - If I had met with your previous boss, what would he tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?

Emphasize your skills and don't dwell too much on your weaknesses. When talking about an aspect of you that you feel lacking, describe it as something you need to improve, not something that cannot be lacking.

2 - Can you work comfortably in stressful environments?

Say you know you can work and that this is part of business life. Give examples from your previous experiences.

3 - How would you affect the nature of your job?

Describe how you increased productivity and utility in the business with your ideas.

4 - Do you prefer teamwork or individual work? Why is that?

Your answer should be geared to the needs of the business. But the answer that will always work may be that you prefer to work as a team but also like to work individually when necessary.

5 - What have you noticed in your current assignment that were previously overlooked?

Give short answers to what you have to say.

6 - Have you ever thought that you would work more efficiently in a company whose size or field of work is different?

It would be appropriate for you to say "It depends on the job".

7 - How do you solve problems that arise in a project group?

Emphasize that you think communication is important and that even if a problem arises, you will solve it by talking to people.

8 - What was the hardest decision you had to make?

You can tell if you have made a decision to dismiss or similar. However, it is necessary to explain them without getting emotional and in a logical chain. If you haven't made such a decision, you can briefly consider and answer what a difficult decision it might be if you work for that company.


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