Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 4

TT: Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 4 - Questions and Preparation for Your Experience

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.

Questions and Preparation for Your Experience

1 - Did you do it to increase sales or profits?

Here in this crucial question, if there is indeed success achieved through your ideas and efforts, you can speak without humility. You have to explain what you are doing and how there are no gaps. If it is an achievement that does not belong to you, it is best to clearly say that you have achieved it with your teammates and to honestly explain what you have done.

2 - Did you contribute to the reduction of costs? How?

Give detailed and concrete examples.

3 - How much budget did you want during the year?

Give examples of your responsibilities. Describe how the budget is created and the role you play in using your department's budget.

4 - How many people were working under you in your last job?

Describe the structure of your department and your role as manager. In this way, even if there are few people working for you, the importance of your task will be understood.

5 - What did you like most about your current or last task? What did you like least?

Honesty is again important here. However, in order to be honest in answering, you should not denigrate what is expected of you in this relative. A very diplomatic approach always works.

6 - What are the most important achievements in your current or last mission?

The point to note here is that you are conveying what you have actually done, not your characteristics and skills. Although they often write them down in your resume, it can be impressive to tell them verbally and highlight what's important and why.


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