Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 3

TT: Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 3 - Related Questions and Preparations If You Leave a Job

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.

Related Questions and Preparations If You Leave a Job

1 - Why are you quitting your current job?

Determine your answer based on your level of honesty and comfort in the interview. Try to give a general answer that is not specific to you. Never, ever, tug at your company or your manager or gossip. On the other hand, as you think that your job description does not match your goals and that you have completed your mission in that company, the answers are both neutral and non-commentable.

2 - How do you think the ideal work environment should be?

This is a very relative question. Try to scan the style of the other person without answering. You can give answers that are not very specific according to the structure of the company, and that emphasize features such as communication and teamwork.

3 - How would you evaluate your current company?

It is important to state that you have no bad feelings with the company you are working with now. Promoting your company as a good company that has brought you a lot of experience can gain you a lot of advantages.


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