Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 1

TT: Correct Answers to Trap Questions - 1 - General Questions and Preparations

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.

General Questions and Preparations

1 - What do you know about our company?

You can find the information you are looking for on the internet or in the newspaper and magazine archives of the libraries. The more you learn, the better. For example; This information may be about the company's products, size, profit and loss status, reputation, image, management style, employees, history, corporate culture and vision. Show that you are interested in the company and ask the interviewer to introduce the company as well.

2 - Why do you want to work with us?

Before answering this question, you should make sure that you understand the job description and target of the vacant position in question. When asked such a question, do not immediately start listing your wishes. Talk over their expectations from this position. Let your answers be concrete answers to meet their expectations. Show that you are in line with the company's goals.

3 - What can you do for us different from others?

Explain how you found solutions to the problems you encountered in the places you worked before, which may be important for this company and set an example for the future.

4 - What is the most interesting aspect of the job proposed to you?

Before you go to the interview, you need to find three or more points of interest and a relatively unimportant side that doesn't interest you.

5 - Why do you think we need to work with you?

Not with abstract words such as "I feel, I think", but on the contrary, describe your knowledge, experience, abilities and skills in concrete words that show your suitability for this job.

6 - What are the features you are looking for in a job?

It should be the qualities you are looking for in a job, giving you the opportunity to use your skills and achieve goals that fit your own goals.

7 - Can you describe your understanding of the proposed position?

Use a clear and descriptive definition. Let this definition include the reason for the work and its result. For example; You will work as a mid-level manager in the human resources or recruitment department. You can define the task as follows: A person conducting research and interviews to recruit people who fit the company's vision.

8 - How soon do you think you will be useful to our company?

Do not say for an unrealistic short time. They may think you underestimate the job. It is best to state that you can give more specific information after a while, but you can say that you believe that this period will not exceed two months.

9 - How long do you intend to work in our company?

You can say that you can consider working in that company as long as you believe that it continues to bring added value to the company and that your personal development continues.


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