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It is a way you can follow and choose in a career path

Do you know yourself? Knowing yourself is the first step to success. Wherever you direct your focus of attention, it flows in your life energy. What you need to know for a happy and successful life is to know what you want from life and that should be your duty.

Would you like to study a foreign language while you on the path of career?

Today, a second or even a third language is essential to make the most of education and job opportunities. The way to do this is to be in countries where the desired language to be learned is used, to learn the language on-site, or to receive an effective language education that is in line with international standards. At this point, while you are on your way to the top of your career, we will offer you; We offer a high level of education in the language you want and inevitably success by professional trainers in the field.

How to find it professional career path?

So what is a career path in this business website? How should it career path? In today's business website, it is a well-known fact that only academic knowledge acquired through university education is not sufficient.

Let's say you are 20 years old now. 50 years from now, when you reach the age of 70, what would you like to do? This must be a point that when you look back, you shouldn't say, "I wish I had done that too, or if I did that." Our individual vision allows us to view the tomorrow of our lives from today. This image also gives us our individual goals. In line with these goals, we reach the professions we really dream of and strive to make progress in that field.

What does career progression mean?

In general terms, career means that an individual progresses in any business area throughout his working life, gains experience and skills. In daily life, it can also include meanings such as progress, profession, business life, success, roles undertaken by the individual throughout his business life and experiences related to these roles.

What are career development methods?

In career development practices, career centers, career guidance, mentoring, career coaching, organizational succession plan, career workshops, career training, career development programs and job design studies are used.

So why is the decision so important to people?

What is the correct word, comes from make career path or a new to find it career path? Everything is possible, but you have to find it job career path yourself. The professional career progression path is the path to find job your dream or right search. If you need help finding career path to your success, please please be honest with yourself first and say - I need help finding career path. 

Why do we need work and does it career path only cover work life?

Career should be considered as a concept that concerns everyone, whether they work or not. Since it constitutes the biggest part of our professional life, career path should be considered as life planning that will enable us to include our profession in our lives. Planning for the future, setting goals applies to everyone.

My job is to guide you to get them.

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Do Not Search For A Job Without "CLICK" Here

The most popular job search tool of recent times is the internet. Most of the companies use these channels in the selection of employees. 



TT : Do Not Search For A Job Without "CLICK" Here

7 Tips to Increase Brain Capacity

Speaking at the Marketing Summit, Tony Buzan is a well-known writer in our business world. Following his speech in Istanbul, a brief summary of what he told in the interview with him was as follows.

TT : 7 Tips to Increase Brain Capacity
How to Find a Job in a Week?

How to Find a Job in a Week?

How can you find a job in a week? Is this possible?


TT : How to Find a Job in a Week? - The Best Job Search Techniques / Strategies in 2021

Diploma Validity Period Shortened

According to experts, the time taken for a school diploma to help you find a job is shorter. It is even said that this period is a maximum of 3 years. The knowledge taught loses its accuracy and validity in 1.5 years. Experts are of the opinion that professionals should constantly update their knowledge in order to keep up to date with developments. For this reason, it is important to follow and participate in all kinds of activities as much as possible. Experts say that this information can be obtained from print and visual media, electronic media, professional associations and personal relationships.


TT : Diploma Validity Period Shortened
Tactics for the Right Start

Tactics for the Right Start

"What job do I want to do?", "Where should I start?", "Will I be able to make the right choice?". All these questions and many more are critical to career planning. There are actually a few simple "tricks" to answer these questions correctly. The important thing is to take these points into account and to realize them at the beginning of your career. According to experts, it is also possible to gain a competitive advantage in employment markets.


TT : Tactics for the Right Start - The Best Job Search Techniques / Strategies in 2021

Choose the Right Job!

Recently, the number of people who want to start their own business has increased considerably. Investors who want to capitalize on their savings and turn them into a profitable business are exploring various business opportunities. Many areas that offer different options for entrepreneurs are also waiting for their investors.


TT : Choose the Right Job!

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is the direct sale of a consumer good or service to the consumer at home, at an acquaintance's home, workplace or any other place that is not a point of sale, through a seller telling and / or demonstrating it.


TT : What is Direct Selling?

Which Organizations Should You Follow?



TT : Which Organizations Should You Follow?

Career is an Investment

The minds of new graduates or students are always busy with the future. The new job, the company they choose, the salary they will get, their career path, titles and so on... However, it is difficult to find a compact and all-in-one resource that regularly answers these questions on the minds of tomorrow's managers.

TT : Career is an Investment

Clubs Are Good Opportunities

Notable for its successful work in different areas in Turkey, there are many organizations and associations. These organizations not only provide people with a global perspective, but also offer the opportunity to meet the leading names of the business world.


TT : Clubs Are Good Opportunities

Tactics for Entering the Network

The effect of the environment on finding a job is not discussed. Networking, which is defined as acquiring a professional environment, is extremely important for personal career development. Research also supports this argument. More people find jobs through acquaintances and the environment than direct applicants. For this reason, the chances of those who do not spare time for "networking" are seen less. Experts draw attention to the need to be a member of many associations and organizations such as professional organizations and alumni associations.


TT : Tactics for Entering the Network

Make Your Own Fortune

Being social is a very important element in the business world. It is not possible to deny the importance of social activities not only in the process of finding a job, but also in business life. Although it may seem like a cliché word, it actually "people create their own fortunes".


TT : Make Your Own Fortune

Correct Answers to Trap Questions

There are some "trap" questions in job interviews. These directly affect whether you will get the job or not. These questions are carefully prepared by HR companies and consultants. Each of the answers given has a meaning. In fact, the correct answers to these questions are also clear.


TT : Correct Answers to Trap Questions

New Era Business Jargons

You will get a new job. You can choose the automotive, retail, tourism or textile industry. Although the sectors are different, there is a common language that they all speak. In the first step, it is necessary to be prepared for the different terms of this language. As a result, those who have mastered the "jargon" of the business world get one step ahead of the competition. Those who try to learn in the process are late. For this reason, I have researched "business jargons" that are frequently used in the business world and HR literature for you.


TT : New Era Business Jargons
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