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  • Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope)

    Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope)

What is Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope)?

The word "HOROSCOPE" is derived from Greek and means "I watch what is rising." The naming (present-day Latin: Horoscopium) Horoscope arose, which was of particular importance to the Greeks the drawing of the Ascendant (i.e. the star chart, which is the cluster of stars on the horizon at the time of a person's birth). Since then the moment of birth is the most important for the preparation of the Horoscope.

The Horoscope is like a drawing. In relation to this birth, it shows the "Planet" state of our solar system at the time of birth, at the place of birth. For example; When you are born at midnight with the sun below the horizon, you will find the Sun symbol on the Horoscope below the horizon. Like a photograph, the space-time moment of your life is recorded in the Horoscope drawing.

The zodiac is drawn with the outer circle in the Horoscope. The outer circle moves one degree every 4 minutes. Thanks to its constant rotation, the Horoscope constantly rotates. Thus, two people born on the same day, in the same place, have different Horoscopes. Therefore, the exact time of birth, date of birth and place of birth are required to create a qualified Horoscope.

Does the Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) Tell the Future?

The Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) cannot tell the future. However, thanks to many years of research and calculations, necessary information has been provided to make predictions. So much so that the movements of the planets 50 years later and their locations can be determined by calculations. It is possible to predict the Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) calculations with calculation models called transit and progression.

Otherwise, the Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) by itself only provides character and personality analysis of the Subject. The clearer the birth information, the clearer the analysis will be.

Where Else Is An Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) Used?

Many businesses today evaluate applicants by examining their astrological natal chart during the hiring process. Because the "Astrological Birth Chart" or "Horoscope", in other words, contains all the characteristic features and abilities of a person in the light of correct information. That's why many businesses have taken it as a reference.

The Astrological Birth Chart can be extracted specifically for different purposes. This means that instead of examining the planets, houses and signs separately, it is useful to examine the effects of that region by focusing on only one point. Especially those who apply for the recruitment of businesses should make an examination on their astrological birth charts, preferably according to the profession they are looking for.

For example; If there is a recruitment in the field of Communication and Advertising, the applicants must be in a good astrological position with the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus. Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius should be prominent and the 3rd, 9th, 7th and 1st houses should be active. Accordingly, each line of business has a different counterpart. That is, anyone can get teacher training, but not everyone can be a teacher.

Do You Want Personality and Character Analysis with Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope)?

No one can learn about an event that he has not experienced or seen after his birth. But when will the Subject learn that there is a gem inside him without knowing, seeing or feeling? Astrologically, he will learn when this will be triggered. However, the Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope) already contains this.

  This map will allow you to know yourself better. Knowing yourself better will make you more confident. You will also see what you can do.

  For orders and information about Astrological Birth Chart (Horoscope), you can call +90(535) 498 9093. We provide consultancy to businesses on this subject..

  Note: Remember, the more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate the results.



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