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Suitable and quality as a site where shares promotional articles. We are at your service with "Advertising and Sponsorship".

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  1. Promotional Article Sharing Service
    Advertisement Article Sharing Service, known as the Promotional Article Broadcast, is our advertising work written by you, suitable for our site content.
    • An Introduction Article should consist of a minimum of 450 - a maximum of 8,000 words. (4.000 words and above will be published unlimitedly, for your information...)
    • If you have a Youtube video, we can publish it.
    • Maximum 3 link outputs (one per 150 words)
  2. Promotion Link Link
    A Promotion Link Link is a direct link to your site designated by you.
  3. Promotion Page Header Ad
    Promotion Page Top Ad is our ad work that is above the page title and appears on all pages.
    Format: Min. it should be 468 x 60 pixels, on the page it will be reflected as 100%...
  4. Business Google Map Review
    Business Google Map Review is a custom made advertising work.
    Business Google Map interpretation (at least 200 characters), adding photos, adding video, If not, it is the process of opening and providing the necessary support...

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