7 Tips to Increase Brain Capacity

TT: 7 Tips to Increase Brain Capacity

Speaking at the Marketing Summit, Tony Buzan is a well-known writer in our business world. Following his speech in Istanbul, a brief summary of what he told in the interview with him was as follows:

  1. Use color to increase the power of marketing and communication. Because colors have the power to activate more cells in the human brain. The capacity of the brain to differentiate, organize, classify, remember and create through color increases.
  2. It is very important to be able to dream. The most important feature that distinguishes a genius from normal people is the ability to turn it into reality.
  3. Our brain is not a fixed structure in a box. It is a garden with seeds. It needs to be maintained regularly.
  4. Brain cells need to be supported regularly. First of all, it is necessary to have plenty of oxygen.
  5. Nutrition is an important element that increases the capacity of the brain. Harmful foods harm the brain; "Junk food".
  6. Stimulation of the senses stimulates the brain and supports its correct functioning.
  7. Friendship, love, and positive emotions enrich the brain's connection with the outside world. Only in this way can the seeds in the brain be prevented from drying out and they can grow in a healthy way.


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